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Chickpeas, it’s also known as gram or Bengal gram or Egyptian pea or Nohut it’s a popular legume that was known for many centuries before our era. Gram (or chickpeas) is considered to be a symbol of oriental cuisine, Central Asia is considered to be the homeland of chickpeas.

We are ready to offer you to buy chickpeas in Ukraine at the most attractive prices, we cultivated chickpeas corresponds to export quality. You will be convinced of the quality of peas by asking us for quality certificates and a sample chickpea. To discuss all the questions that arise regarding the sale of chickpeas, as well as the price of chickpeas, you can call us by contact numbers and we will answer all your questions. Please note that the photos on the site reflect the real quality of the products.

As for delivery, you can pick up chickpeas by self-trucking from the territory of the farm or order our delivery. The products are delivered by our own motor transport or by rail to the ports of Odessa, Yuzhne, Chernomorsk, Nikolaev and throughout Ukraine and Europe. Sea transportation in containers to anywhere in the world is also carried out.

Ltd “Slavyanskoe-5” carries out packaging of chickpeas in bags of 25-50 kg, big-bags 500-1200 kg or containers.

At the moment you can buy chickpeas with such indicators:

Humidity: 9.6
Weed admixture: 0.003
Grain admixture: 0.8